My name is Sheila and these are paintings of my mutt babies Hef (left) and Sierra (right). We currently live in Hawaii with our favorite human, my husband. :)

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Aloha, Hawaii!

My favorite human has brought me and the pups across the country and over a pond to the beautiful island of Hawaii! Thank you to my dream clients for being so accommodating while we settle in and figure out our roots to our new home.


Holiday Commissions are OPEN!

Fill out the form on the pet portrait page and let’s get painting! Limited spots this holiday season, so grab yours before it’s too late!


It’s #INKTOBER! On Instagram, the community of artists commit to daily sketches in ink for the month of October. This year I will be participating using the prompts that @MabGraves uses while using YOUR pet as my model/muse! Participate by going on my instagram and following the rules on the Model Call posts! Ready? Set…. Trick or treat!